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Certain wheel types are manufactured from chemically sensitive metals. Traditional wheel products cannot be used and an acid-free solution is required.

Custom Wheel Cleaner is appropriate for any wheel types including alloy, lacquered alloy, steel, chrome, painted, anodised and plastic finishes.

The Custom Wheel Cleaner Kit contains 1L of Custom Wheel Cleaner along with 2 specially selected chemically resistant brushes enabling you to access the harder to reach areas, such as wheel nuts and tight corners.

If you have split rims these should be washed with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner.



Tips and Advice on How to apply and use:
  • Ensure the wheels are cool to touch. Working on hot wheels causes the cleaner to evaporate and may result in damage.
  • Spray the cleaner liberally from the bottom up, coating the wheel surface. Custom Wheel Cleaner can also be applied to tyre side walls to remove dirt and old tyre dressings.
  • Use a wheel brush to work methodically from the bottom up, concentrating on any dirt trap areas. Finish by cleaning the tyre wall.
  • Finally rinse thoroughly, ensuring all cleaner is removed before starting on the next wheel.
  • Move the car forward by half a wheel's length during cleaning so that the underside of spokes can be more easily accessed.

If any stubborn black spots remain after cleaning, these are probably tar spots. They need to be removed with Intensive Tar Remover.


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*Note: - Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays are not considered normal 'working' days.